The toughest part of letting go is realizing that the other person already did.
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im just annoyed and ugly all the time

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Hello, 911? *twirls phone cord around finger* sooooo how was your day? Did you arrest any bad guys?…No you hang up first! Hello? 911?

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some legends are told,
some turn to dust or to gold,
but you will remember me,
remember me,
for centuries.

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all my songs got wiped off my phone so I’m going through my itunes library adding all my fave songs back and the further back I go the more intense the feelings get. like i’m almost to this time last year and i’ve passed so much songs like i forgot about most of them and when i listen theres a big feeling in my chest and like sigh. sigh sigh. a lot happens in a year. a lot of shit can happen in a year. can i go back to before. can i still have some of those same things that once made me happy. please. there was so much less to worry about and now theres so much to worry about. my life was so much more together and now its like what. can i go back please. please.

its amazing how songs can take you back to a specific time in your life and you get all these feelings and i love them and hate them at the same time. i need to stop. its too much. this post went from like one simple sentence to all this like no.

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Liking people is stupid all you end up doing is ruining songs you really liked beforehand

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The weather today is so nice :)

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